“Our responsibility is to our clients only. We do not answer to large firms and profit margins. Decisions are always made in the client’s best interest.”


Will our approach fit your needs?

Our clients enjoy the Peace of Mind that comes from having a trusted advisor on their side, to manage all their financial affairs. They are involved, yet happily delegate the day to day management to us, so they can focus on what gives them their greatest joy.

We serve clients with varying degrees of wealth, and while many of our clients are women, we would love to hear from you, if you feel our approach fits your needs.

Our clients come to us with with the simple need to plan and to “make sense” out of all their financial affairs; we provide the strategy, connect all the moving parts and implement tailored solutions, aligned with their goals and values.

Other times, the need to plan is triggered by a life event. When women or men experience an expected or unexpected shift in their personal and financial lives, they truly benefit from having a trusted and experienced manager to support them in their transition.

Whether it is a sudden windfall of money, the transition into financial independence, a divorce, or tragic loss of a loved one, we provide accessible knowledge, and assist in developing and managing the next stage of their lives.

Philanthropic at heart, we serve Charitable Organizations in selecting and managing their endowment funds and programs to provide donor education.

Organizations require sound and seasoned advice from an experienced wealth manager who understands the fundraising function and how accrued endowment funds need to generate income while preserving the principal. This is a precise balance that requires specialized help, and is something our firm is very well versed in.

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