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Published Articles

Wealth Management Remedies For Doctors


“Managing wealth is an advanced form of financial planning, providing additional services and resources into Asset Protection and Estate Planning, taxation advice, risk and asset management strategies. It is an all-encompassing form of planning, done holistically, unique to each client’s goals AND values, concerns, the economic environment, profession and potential liabilities.” (Read more)

Is Your Money Where Your Heart Is?


“Bookstores and online retailers are filled with financial self-help books and literature: Finance for dummies, How to invest and get rich quick, Financial planning for women, for men, for kids, for couples, you name it. Let’s also not forget the “world wide web” filled with opinions and advice columns on how to handle our money and finances. The world certainly does not need more financial information, but I would argue, we do need more financial insight into aligning our lives and our money with our deepest values and plan “from the heart” rather than from the head.” (Read more)

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