Our Seven Point Promise to You


Our Promise


We are on your team. Our processes are focused on positive outcomes for you. We keep you informed through education and open dialogue. Nothing should come as a surprise.

As an independent firm and fiduciary, we tailor our solutions to your needs, providing you honest and objective guidance and transparent fee structures at all times.


“Knowledge is power” and we keep you engaged in the process. We tailor the depth of the information shared to your interest level – from the creative artist to the engineer.


Advice is only as good as you can relate, and understand the challenges, solutions and outcomes. No industry jargon or financial hieroglyphs. Straight forward , simple advice.


We listen and encourage you to share ideas. Sometimes, we will give you the green light, other times, we may ask you not to move forward. Our value to you is in advising, not facilitating.

We filter “Noise and Emotion”

We believe financial shows (and magazines) provide pure entertainment, play on fear and greed and can leave us confused and anxious. As your advocate, we separate assets from emotion.

We liberate

The day to day managing of assets can be a burden. We follow an investment process that is based on academic evidence and a disciplined approach, guided by your goals.

Fun & Ease

Meeting your advisor, should NOT feel like going to the dentist. We value the relationship with you, enjoy getting to know you and welcoming you to our community of like minded clients & friends.

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