“We understand the complexities of sponsoring retirement plans and what’s at stake for you, as the sponsor and business owner.”


Corporate Retirement Plans

Complete Fiduciary Solution

Our Objectives are:

1. Objective is to greatly Reduce Tax Burden for Owners
2. Objective is to maximize Benefits to Key Employees
3. Objective is to minimize Plan Costs
4. Eliminate Max Personal Liability for Trustees
5. Help reduce time required to manage plan
6. Objective is to improve Participant Outcomes for All EE’s
7. Online Document Vault & Resource Center

Potential Benefit:

1. Happy Owners & Employees
2. Contributions Benefit Those Intended
3. Fully Compliant Plan
4. Employees Get A Custom Retirement Plan
5. More Time to Grow Your Business
6. More Retirement Income
7. High Fiduciary Standard

Solutions designed to maximize benefits:

1. Fiduciary Law

• Investment Fiduciary
• Limited Scope Plan Fiduciary
• Administrative Fiduciary
• Trustee

2. Employer:

• Minimize Liability, Maximize Benefits

3. Participant:

• Customized Personal Retirement Plan

4. Fiduciary Governance:

• Efficient & Complete Compliance

5. Fees & Expenses:

• Lower Costs, Minimize Conflicts of Interest, No Hidden Fees, No Commissions

6. Administration:

• Organized, Transparent, Efficient

7. Investments:

• Lower Cost, Lower Turnover, Managed Solutions


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