16 Financial Resolutions for 2016

As we start this new year, it’s time to think about how to make 2016 a success for you and your loved ones. Though there’s little consensus about their origins, we know that Americans have been making New Year’s resolutions since at least the 1770s. In 2015, 31% of Americans made financial resolutions. Here are 16 financial resolutions to help make 2016 healthy, happy, and successful: 1. Create emergency savings Life is full of unexpected […] Read more »

8 Timeless Principles of Investing

Market movements, business decisions, economic events, politics, interest rates—many factors can influence the performance of your investments. Instead of worrying about events that are out of your hands, focus on optimizing what’s in your control. In our latest Investment Brochure, we discuss 8 timeless principles of investing to serve as reminder to stay calm during volatile times (the up’s and the down’s in the stock markets). As always, please reach out to us, if we […] Read more »

401(k) Action Steps to take now

401(K) ACTION STEPS TO TAKE NOW IN ORDER TO TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE Research shows the average American employee switches jobs 11 times before retiring. Job changes means many Americans have old 401(k) plans that may not be allocated properly to help to prepare them for retirement. Download our Whitepaper on everything you need to know about IRA Rollover’s: Whitepaper IRA Rollover Read more »

4 Things you shouldn’t do right now

U.S. stocks ended a defensive week in the red as investor sentiment deteriorated in the face of fresh worries out of China. For the week, the S&P 500 fell 5.77%, the Dow lost 5.82%, and the NASDAQ slid 6.78%. When markets take a dive, it’s natural to worry about what’s happening and where markets will go next. However, part of being a stock investor is taking market swings in stride. Now is the time to […] Read more »

Why women are prepared for financial success

Statistics don’t mean everything. Read enough about women and money online, and you will run across numbers indicating that women finish a distant second to men in saving and investing. Only 42% of women save a specific amount money each month for retirement, the State Farm Center for Women and Financial Services at the American College finds. Aon Hewitt says that the average 401(k) balance for a man at the end of 2012 was about […] Read more »

Why women need to take charge of their finances

Many women are in charge of their financial lives, and proudly so. Some have become their own financial captains as a result of life events; others have always steered their own ships. Even so, there are too many women who are left out of financial decision making – some by their own choice.  That may be a mistake. Allowing a spouse or partner to handle financial affairs may predispose a woman to a lack of […] Read more »