Many of our clients are physicians, corporate executives, business owners and those who are financially independent. They have been working hard in their careers building up their assets and financial net-worth, while saving lives, creating jobs and career opportunities in their cities, leading teams and so much more.

“We spend a lot of time with our clients to truly get to know them and their families which is such an important part in the planning process. True holistic planning is so much more than managing investments. It addresses all aspects of our clients’ financial lives which includes their values, goals, concerns, business plans, legacy plans, protecting their assets and managing risk. We collaborate and work together with all of our clients’ other advisors and ensure strategies are implemented and executed efficiently.“

Our Story and Values

This is where you typically hear about credentials, awards, licenses and much more. And all that is of course a given, after nearly 2 decades in this industry.
What sets us apart from the pack, is our dedication to serving our clients and being seated at the same side of the table with you. We do not answer to a large corporation or shareholders, but only to our clients as their trusted advisor and fiduciary. By law, we are held to the highest level of standards and excellence and will only recommend and advise what is in the best interest of our clients.

Our Values
We are not in the numbers business (well just a little), but in the human business. Beyond always doing what is best for our clients, we focus on speaking a “jargon free“ language, so our clients can feel good about the decisions they make related to their finances and life.
We surround ourselves with the most knowledgeable professionals and experts in their respective fields (such as attorneys and tax experts) for the best possible outcome to our clients. The outcome we strive for is peace of mind and confidence in your financial strategies.

When given the opportunities and financial resources to do good in this world, it’s our responsibility to make an impact. My family and I volunteer regularly, serving the refugee community and distributing food through a volunteer based food bank. Both my husband and I serve on boards of not for profit organizations. And it is always an honor to support our clients’ charities and causes, such as medical relief organizations, Alzheimer research foundations, refugee support agencies and more. As Winston Churchill said: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.“

Founder & Wealth Manager

Claudia Arnold-Sawaf

Here’s a little bit about myself on both a professional and personal note. Please also feel free to connect with me via Social Media and sign up for our blog to stay up-date on all things personal finance.

What I do in my free time

Family is truly important to me and we love to travel, spend time at the beach and at this time, countless hours training our 1 year old Golden Doodle CJ to become a therapy dog. And then there’s Volleyball, first with our older daughter and now with our younger athlete. We also enjoy volunteer work together as a family.


Just where is the accent from?

Not long into any conversation, most people wonder and yes, that Austrian accent is difficult to hide. I am always happy to share the places to visit and the restaurants and Cafe’s, that cannot be missed when visiting Vienna. Pictured below is my all time favorite Cafe Sacher in the heart of Vienna, across the street from the famous Vienna Opera House. The Chocolate Cake alone is worth traveling to my home town!

Professional background

I have spent nearly 2 decades assisting successful clients in the areas of wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, investment management, asset protection and charitable planning.

My experience has extended into working with business owners (privately held companies, medical practices, entrepreneurs) in the area of 401(k) and Profit Sharing plans and Defined Benefit/Cash Balance Plans.

Sawaf Financial LLC, an independent, premier fee based advisory firm started in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ and has recently moved it’s main office to Irvine, California with satellite offices in Arizona. I earned my Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) designation and am an active member in the financial planning community.

Growth & Development

Growth rarely happens if left to randomness. Besides professional continued education, Investment seminars and quarterly meetings organized by the Financial Planning Association, I am passionate about personal growth conferences and courses.

One of my favorite self development mentors is Brendon Burchard. I attend at least one live events per year and also graduated from the High Performance Masters Program.

Toastmasters International and our club in Irvine, is where professionals continuously work on their craft of interpersonal communication and public speaking. I have been an active member for years and am know getting our daughters involved as well.


Our dedicated Team

There are too many to mention. Our service team at Dynamic Wealth advisors support our day to day operation, trading, service and so much more. Here’s a little more information on some of our key personnel.

Fran Gillis

Retirement Plan Manager
Dynamic Wealth Advisors

Cherie Jolly

Chief Compliance Officer
Dynamic Wealth Advisors

Eric Draughon

Advisor Support Manager
Dynamic Wealth Advisors